Absolutely not! The only product reserved for patients is our fat-burning Lipo Injection. Though our patients do receive special discounts on certain items, you do not have to be a patient to purchase our products.

The lipo injection is formulated with three different amino acids and B-complex vitamins that help your body actively BURN fat. The slim shot is loaded with vitamins that help with your liver functioning, hormone balance and immune system!

No! And walk-ins are always welcome.

We were under a contract agreement with California Medical Weight Management for the past 8 years! Our contract was coming to an end, so we decided it was time to breakaway and become our own entity. Don't worry, the staff is still the same. 

Yes, we do! We provide FDA-approved appetite suppressants for any active patients that are eligible. 

We have currently changed our pricing to make it more affordable! Call us at (806)771-0913 to go over our pricing options.